Unavailability of Library Catalogue 10th to 12th October

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Unavailability of Library Catalogue 10th to 12th October

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The online library catalogue will be temporarily unavailable from about midday on 10 October to about midday on 12 October 2012, due to preparatory work involved in getting the library catalogue server hosted externally by SirsiDynix.

The online library catalogue should be available again from around midday on the 12th October.

SirsiDynix is the company who is responsible for the library catalogue, who will be working on copying over the library catalogue data, carrying out testing and doing any required work on the new server.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this will cause.  Archive and Library staff will do their very best to place staff and reader requests for library items on the Aeon online ordering system, in the absence of the online library catalogue.

Please contact aeon@rmg.co.uk if you would like us to place requests on your behalf.

However, the Archive and Library unfortunately cannot guarantee to be able to place library requests during this period, for technical reasons.

Staff and reader requests for manuscript items in Aeon will continue to be available throughout this period and will be unaffected by the work on the library catalogue.

The Archive and Library would like to thank their readers in advance for their patience.

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